Auction Hall of Fame
20 Year Club

O.J. Pratt

Longmont, Colorado

O.J. Pratt is the owner of Pacific Auction Companies which has two locations in Colorado. His company conducts over 200 auctions annually with sales of personal property and vehicles exceeding 12 million dollars.

We asked OJ to give us a summary of his auction career::

My dad was an auctioneer. I grew up in the Auction business and learned the trade from him. I moved to Colorado in 1980.  I have been a professional auctioneer for over 30 years. I have sold just about anything you can imagine including a NASA space capsule, An osage orange bow hand made by Geronimo (with provenance) and A rifle owned by Jesse James (also with provenance). I have sold over 200 million dollars worth of real and personal property during my auction career.”

When asked about his clients, OJ gave an “off the cuff” listing that sounds like a “Who's Who” of Colorado organizations:

United States Government, Rockwell International, IBM, Hewlitt Packard, State Farm Insurance, Farmers Insurance, StorageTek, Miniscribe, Maxtor, National Quilters Museum, Colorado Public Television, Numerous Colorado municipalities, counties and school districts, We liquidated two complete railroads- The Sundown and Southern and the High Country Railroads, Hundreds of Business liquidations and thousands of estates of household goods and antiques. We are also the exclusive auction company for the Public trustee for the City and County of Denver.”

We asked OJ, “what makes your auction business unique?”

I think what makes our company unique is that we specialize- but in a lot of areas! I’m sure that sounds strange but it is true. My original intent was to create an auction business that had divisions that would be successful no matter what the state of the economy. In good times our Jukebox, Quilt and Antique specialty auctions flourish.  In slower times the business liquidations take center stage.

We sell 100 plus public auto auctions a year, We have specialists that work in business liquidations but we also have specialists that work only in Real Estate. We hold a Federal Firearms license and sell thousands of firearms every year. We conduct several televised Auctions a year for Public television.”

OJ's professional and volunteer interests go well beyond the auction hall. A few that he mentioned in our brief interview were:

Racetrack announcer

Radio station owner/show host

Voice over work for commercials

Special events announcer

Has sung in a barbershop quartet for 15 years.

President of youth baseball league and coach competitive baseball.

What has been the role of SOLD II in your business?

The first step I took in my young auction career to make myself better was to sign up for the Certified Auctioneers Institute. In my first year at the University of Indiana I met Bernie Broztek who was displaying SOLD II..

After returning to Colorado I signed up with SOLD II loaded to a Dolch luggable computer (one of the first portable computers). We were one of the first Colorado auction companies to computerize and SOLD II definitely gave us a competitive edge in getting our auction business established..

We have a diverse business and SOLD II has uniquely handled our ever changing needs for over 20 years, all kinds of auctions including automobiles.

In 1990 we had a major fire in our facility. One of the casualties was our Dolch computer which seemed destroyed; the computer case has actually melted and our backups were all destroyed. I sent what was left to SOLD II and to my amazement they were able to recover my valuable data. It goes to prove the value of an ongoing relationship with a quality vendor such as SOLD II.”

You've conducted so many quality auctions over the years, but as a departing comment,do you have any personal favorites?

My favorite auction of the year is one I conduct annually for the National Quilters Museum. It’s held in an impressive old Opera house that seats several thousand bidders.”

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