Auctioneer of the Month

Billy Long
Springfield, MO

Billy Long's recent induction into the Missouri Auctioneer’s Hall Of Fame is but the latest of his many fine accomplishments. SOLDII Auction Software is very proud that Billy is our Auctioneer of the Month.

As a child Billy would go with his father to the Frisco “dead freight” auctions. When most kids were at the swimming pool or playing outside, Billy would be riding his bike to auctions. By the age of 14 he knew he wanted to be an auctioneer himself. He struck up a friendship with veteran Auctioneer Willis Talbot who told him: “When you get a little older go to auction school and then come back and see me.”

He graduated from the Missouri Auction school in 1979 and went back to see Mr. Talbot. True to his word, he gave the young auction graduate an opportunity to sell his first item. The first thing he sold at public auction was an automobile, which is rare for a young auctioneer just getting his feet wet.

The dictionary defines innovate as to begin something new: introduce. Billy is a true innovator always working to improve the auction industry. He introduced the SOLD II wireless clerking program to his customers in 1992. After the initial shock of not receiving “those little tickets” his customers came to love the itemized print-out but most of all the speedy check out process. More importantly the business community has come to rely on the professional reports he provides at the end of auction day.

Recently he designated his associate of 26 years auctioneer Bob Kollmeier as primary personal property auctioneer which allows Bill\y to spend 100% of his time on his first love Real Estate Auctions. Billy’s brainchild, the Mega-Event Public Real Estate Auction, is held quarterly allowing him to sell multiple properties at once from a single location with huge exposure for his sellers and great attendance from buyers. It is not uncommon to have a crowd of 550 in attendance.

Billy and his wife, Barbara, have two daughters. Kaleen will be a senior at Yale University in the fall and Kelle will be a freshman at Pepperdine University.

Ask him what he would like to accomplish and he will tell you, “I’d like to see my  Real Estate Auction company become the most respected company in the Midwest. But more importantly, I wish the best for my family ...that they may have the opportunity to realize their dreams and enjoy life as I have.”

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